Fresh or silk wedding flowers

Silk wedding flowers are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Some brides love that their bouquet can be a memorable keepsake as well as a variety of flowers are available year round unlike fresh flowers and of course every bride loves the affordability of silk & real touch flowers. For many reasons, silk flowers are the perfect alternative for your special day!



Here are some of the popular reasons to picking non-fresh flowers:

~ Last forever & cherished memory - why spend money on something that will wilt, fade  and you will end up throwing away? With our bouquets, you get a memorable keepsake, it will remind you of your special day every time you look at it!

~ Done way before the date - You will be able to see your flowers in advance and change, tweak and modify as you wish to make them perfect for your day. It will be one less thing to worry about and you can focus on other wedding planning.

~ Destination weddings - whether it's in a different city or a different country, your flowers will always look fresh and beautiful no matter how far they travel! 

~ Cruise weddings - many cruise lines will not allow fresh flowers and you can't bring them back home if you are crossing the border, not a problem with silk flowers

~ Lightweight bouquets - especially our soft-touch roses & real touch calla lilies!

~ KeepsakeUse for wedding portraits, renewing your vows or as a gift to a special guest who couldn't attend. Your bridal party and special guests keep the bouquets too and have a memory of their own!

~ Will not wilt or stain- They will not wilt, freeze or change depending on weather conditions and will not stain your dress!

~ Not season dependent - you can have any flower at any time of the year. From flower type to color, your choices are countless

~ Allergiesgreat alternative for those with pollen allergies


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